Gun Lock Safety Program


   The Saddle River Police Department is participating in a National Gun Safety Program, which is designed to protect families by providing free gunlocks in an effort to keep firearms from falling into the hands of children. Included are families who have chosen or are considering having firearms for sporting, hunting, protection of their families, and families who visit friends who may have firearms in their home.

   This campaign is promoting “safe guns” by giving away free gunlocks to anyone in the community who desires to better insure their weapons are secure. In the state of New Jersey, all new firearms purchased must include some type of locking device for that weapon. This would be in addition to any other security type measure, such as a steel lock box, safe, or vault.

   We suggest that if you have or are thinking about owning a firearm that you consider going to these links for more information. These sites will go in depth to the proper handling of a firearm, guidelines for storing, and securing your home as a safe place for family and friends.

   In the world we live in today, it becomes all our responsibility, whether we own a gun or not, to ensure the safety of our families and our neighbors.

   Please take a few minutes and visit the below listed sites and possibly save an innocent life someday. These links also include video clips. Remember: If you find a gun, don’t touch it. Just leave it alone, and call a responsible person right away.








If you have any questions or desire a lock for your weapon, please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,
Sergeant Jason Nunn
Firearms Unit, ext. 334