Halloween Tips
Halloween Safety


Halloween safety is a major concern for both parents and police. With Halloween approaching, parents can take some simple precautionary steps to help ensure the safety of their children while trick or treating.


Make sure costumes are flame retardant.

Keep costumes short enough as to prevent tripping.

A mask can obstruct a child s vision. Purchase a mask that fits properly and does not obstruct the child s line of sight. Consider using make up instead of a mask.

Consider using reflective tape on costumes. Light colored clothing and flashlights will also make children and parents more visible at night. Glow Sticks" are another option and are available at most hardware stores or party shops.

Avoid using any fake swords or other sharp accessories that could hurt someone.


 Tell children not to eat any of their treats until a parent inspects them.

Only allow children to eat unopened candy and other treats that are fully wrapped and in their original wrappers.

Be cautious of any homemade treats or fruit.

      Should your children find any paper tattoos or stamps in with their treats, don t allow them to be used or even touched as they may be laced with drugs. Contact the police department if you suspect this or are not sure.



Trick or Treating

Never allow a child to go out alone. A parent or guardian should always be with young children while trick or treating.

Older kids should trick or treat with friends and stick close together.

If possible, trick or treat during the daylight hours. If at night, use flashlights.

 Plan a safe route and avoid back streets.

Never enter a home or a car of a stranger. Avoid homes that are dark.

If you have a cell phone, bring it with you.


Halloween can be fun for parents and kids alike if everyone remembers
the tricks and treats of playing it safe!